Math Books Solutions


  1. Solution to “Topics in Algebra [I.N Herstein]”
  2. Solution to “Topics in Abstract Algebra [Mridul Kanti Sen, P. Mukhopadhyay, and Shamik Ghosh]”
  3. Solution to “Higher Algebra : Abstract and Linear [SK Mapa]”
  4. Solution to “Higher Algebra: Classical [Sadhan Kumar Mapa]”
  5. Solution to “Abstract Algebra, 3ed [David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote]”
  6. Solution to  “Linear Algebra and Its Applications [Gilbert Strang]”
  7. Solution to “Introduction to Linear Algebra [Gilbert Strang]”

Real Analysis

  1. Solution to “Introduction to Real Analysis [S.K. Mapa]”
  2. Solution to “An Introduction to Analysis: Differential Calculus: Part I [Ram Krishna Ghosh , Kantish Chandra Maity]”
  3. Solution to “Differential Calculus – An Introduction To Analysis Part 2 [Ramakrishna Ghosh and Kantish Chandra Maity]”
  4. Solution to  “An Introduction to Analysis Integral Calculus [Ram Krishna Ghosh, Kantish Chandra Maity]”
  5. Solution to Introduction to Real Analysis [Robert G. Bartle, Donald R. Sherbert]

Differential Equations

  1. Solution to “An Introduction to Differential Equations, 8th ed. [Ram Krishna Ghosh and Kantish Chandra Maity]”
  2. Solution to “Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations [M.D. Raisinghania]”

Competitive Exam Books

  1. Solution to “Mathematics For Competitive Examinations, 5th edition [Sandip Jana, Sukhendu Kar and Susanta Mandal]”
  2. Solution to “MCQ Mathematics A Guide for Exam Sucess [Banshidhar Sahoo]”



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